Frequently Asked Questions

Casual or Semi-Formal. It’s up to you!

Please wear a mask as we practice Social Distancing and Coverings for everyone to fellowship.

Not to discourage anyone from coming, as we allow masks off while seated away from each other. Central air and filtration gives us some time to breathe easy. 

We have cushioned chairs for all.

Every Sunday 9:30-10:15 Bible Study 10:30-11:30 Morning Worship Hour

Of course! See Special Care for more information.

Yes. Individual pieces of wafer and small cups of juice are offered to each adult present.

Yes. Each individual is given the opportunity to contribute to the Lord’s work every Sunday.

Most people use their own vehicles, but transportation can be arranged ahead of time, if needed.

Not at this time, but one can ask for prayer during morning worship for any concern that they have.

While this can vary greatly due to weather and other factors, our attendance currently runs around 16

You may if you wish, but all quoted scripture is displayed on a projection screen at the Front of the auditorium.

Not at this time, but anyone with special musical talents is encouraged to perform on special occasions! Let us know!

Age’s range from folks in their 20’s to those in their 60’s, but all are welcome!

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10441 Hiners Lane Easton, MD 21601